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Salter EK2771 Compact Air Fryer 2L 36.99

Salter EK2771 Compact Air Fryer 2L £36.99

This fantastic air fryer from Salter is the healthy way to cook all your favourite foods quickly with little or no oil.
Simple and convenient to use with a 30 minute timer and automatic switch-off, the air fryer circulates the hot air around and through the food for a quick, thorough cook. A brilliant alternative to a deep fat fryer, it has 1200 W power and a capacity of 2 litres with a removable, non-stick coated cooking rack which makes the food easy to serve and the fryer easy to clean. Featuring a power and heat indicator light as well as temperature control dial.

A versatile alternative to deep fat frying, the Salter air fryer enables you to cook using little or no oil without losing any flavour.
Featuring 1200 W power, the fryer can heat up to 200 and uses a heat circulation method in order to cook your food incredibly quickly.
Ideal for home-made chips or wedges as well as meat, spring rolls, stuffed vegetables and quiche, it can cook a huge variety of foods.
With power and heat indicator lights, a timer control dial, temperature control dial and automatic switch-off, it is easy to operate.
The air fryer contains an easy to clean 2 litre non-stick cooking rack which enables you to easily remove the food once cooked.

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