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HG Gold Shine Balsam 50ml

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HG Gold Shine Balsam 50ml
Gold jewellery can sometimes lose its beautiful shine, which is mainly due to gold 
being soft and therefore likely to scratch. HG gold shine balsam removes these 
scratches so that your gold will shine more brightly than ever before. HG gold
shine balsam can also be safely used on gold plated and gilt objects. 

  • Apply a small amount of HG gold shine balsam using a non-fluffy polishing cloth and rub it in gently. polish it using the cloth supplied until it shines. 
  • Use a clean piece of cloth for this purpose. 
  • The HG gold & jewellery shine cloth is suitable for the regular polishing of golden or gilt objects.
  • Size: 50ml
NOTE: We have a large range of HG products in our Norwich
Store, so if 
you are looking for a specific product, please contact us direct
Tel: 01603 622891 

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