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ALM FL225 Spool & Line

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ALM FL225 Spool & Line

This ALM Spool is suitable for the following single line Flymo Models: Cordless CT250, Cordless CT250X, ET20, MET25-2, MET200-1, MET230 Single, MET250, Minitrim, Minitrim Auto, Multi Trim, Multi Trim 200, Multi Trim 250, Multitrim MET250, Multi Trim 300, Revolution 2000, Revolution 2300, Revolution 2500.


  • Supplied with 1.5mm trimmer line 1 x 10m
  • Comparesto FLY020, 5137651-74/0, 5137651-01/3, 5139371-84
  • Made in England


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